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Lost to despair, the world shifted ever closer to destruction. Unwilling to accept this, one young woman took it upon herself to piece through the journals of heroes who stood against the darkness, desperate to find the common thread that gave them the strength they needed -- the strength her world needed.

Using her powers as a Reader, she plunges into the worlds within books, living out the lives of these heroes over and over, seeking the very essence of hope.

Our Story Should is a highly randomly generated Choose-your-own Adventure story that requires multiple play-throughs to reach a true ending. Any aspiring writers are invited to submit their own events and stories to be incorporated into the story (with credit!) in future updates. (Currently there are a total of 80 main events with approximately 250 sub-events and the plan is to expand that even further!)

Install instructions

1) Extract Our Story Should folder to an area of your choice.

2) Launch via Game.exe in the Our Story Should folder.


Our Story Should.zip 467 MB


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